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The Alignment Quotient

How to create steadiness in times of turmoil
Tuesday July 7th
5-6pm CET
11am-noon EST
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Discover a Unique and Powerful journey into the heart of creating meaning and purpose in your life, starting with the unshakable foundation that can never be taken away from you.

What we will cover in this webinar

- Find out if you are trapped in a popular paradigm that is setting you up for disappointment.

- Discover a new paradigm that opens up the possibility of creating an unshakable foundation for living.

- Learn how to use this new paradigm to break through barriers that prevent you from full self-expression and alignment in your life.

- All participants will receive a gift of free-access to a tool to support you on your journey.

We will help you make these ideas actionable in your life, so, please be prepared with a piece of paper and pencil - and be ready to use your thinking cap. :-)

Webinar Hosted by:

Christopher Ancona

Christopher Ancona is an Engineer, Educator, Author, Tech Entrepreneur and a thought-leader in the Neuroleadership space. He sits on multiple boards as a strategic advisor and has worked, taught, and built businesses all over the world. 

His Alignment Statement is: I am Passion, Inspiration, Excellence, and Curiosity so that I can help myself and others go beyond our barriers to live the lives we love.

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