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Learn how to Craft a Life You Love

If you see and feel that something is missing from your life. If you are tired of being tossed around by your situation and circumstances. If you are seeking a way to gain control over yourself and find freedom in your life and you are willing to walk a path and do the work, then this course is for you.

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Our Offering

Online Course

Join the online course and follow along on your journey to build your own path to living a life you love!

The Book

A paradigm shifting book with an actionable plan to follow and begin a new journey to a life you love!


Find out how your brain drives you out of alignment. 


The tools you need to boost your alignment quotient in your everyday life.

The Alignment Quotient Book

This is a paradigm-shifting book that transforms ordinary overlooked concepts into the extraordinary to motivate, persuade, and inspire the creation of purpose in your life so you can design and build a life you love.

The Alignment Quotient outlines a clear path to create and execute on a practical and meaningful mission in life. The journey takes everyday concepts like, integrity, being, mantra, time, free-will, and purpose and weaves them into a single tapestry to empower the reader towards a future of their own creation.

A must-read for every person who is missing meaning and purpose in their life whether graduation from college and facing the great blue yonder, suffering a mid-life crisis, or struggling with life after retirement.

The Book


The Alignment Boosters are an online toolset to support your commitment to your declared being. 

The Nudge is a tool that allows you to schedule random text reminders to make sure you keep your declaration on the front of your mind.

The Integrity Check tool is a peer-feedback tool that allows you to survey your friends, colleagues, and anyone you wish to find out if they are experiencing you as your declaration, and allows you to track your behavioral change through the eyes of others.

By signing up to use the Boosters, you get 2 free codes so you can begin your journey towards Alignment right now!

Alignment Boosters