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The Alignment Quotient

Online Course


9 Engaging Self-Paced Video Modules

PDF Workbook

2 - Live Group Coaching Sessions

10 Access codes for Booster Tools

Copy of The Alignment Quotient Book (e-book or physical copy)




- Learn how to build your life based on an unshakable foundation of "BEING"

- Learn about the science-based alignment de-railers that throw you off your game.

- Start a journey into creating a life based on that foundation.

- Understand how to hear feedback so it can act as a useful guide.

- Get access to a toolset that helps you boost your alignment in your everyday life.

Course Logistics

The course is a blended learning experience. This means there are multiple ways to interact with the course materials including:

1. Self-paced videos

2. Group coaching sessions

3. Self-paced workbook

4. Online toolset

5. Choice of a physical copy of the book, or e-book

Estimated time to complete the course: 9 weeks

Cost: $299

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